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Volunteer Resource Center

Volunteer Training Information

Supporting Information

A good place to start, this presentation talks about volunteer expectations, how we can build relationships, training, and more about the dogs in our care.

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You'll find all videos here on the Shelter Volunteers Playlist

The following videos are highly recommended for all volunteers:

Do's & Don'ts to keep everyone safe

Guidelines for Meet-and-Greets

An excellent resource containing guidelines for everything from good customer service to conflict resolution. 

The Do's & Don'ts during these critical settling-in periods for an adopted dog in a new environment. This handout can also be given to potential adopters who haven't yet found a dog to adopt.

An entertaining look at the Do's & Don'ts when greeting a dog you don't know.

A quick look at how dogs show they are afraid - it's not just what you think!

Learn how dogs show us they want us to touch them, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, how they say "no thanks". When we don't listen to them we undermine our efforts in building trust. A must-watch for dog fosters.

An easy exercise to help a shy/fearful dog learn that new people aren't scary - they predict deliciousness!

3 main factors that contribute to dogs going over threshold.

For dogs that struggle with leash reactivity. Get out your high-value treats and start helping your dog feel differently about the triggers he encounters on your walks.

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