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Dog Walker Training - a 6-part series for Dog Walker volunteers.



The following videos are Training and Games How-To videos, listed in the suggested viewing order: 

  • Marker Training - how to get a dog up-and-running on a marker - a must-have for consistent communication between human & dog.

  • Marker in Action - marker in use.

  • Name Game - create a positive association with a dog's name. Foundation for recall.

  • Up Down - a relationship-building exercise where the dog cues the handler.

  • Up Down in Action - see it in action.

  • Two Steps - dog cues handler, great for dogs that need to move.

  • 1-2-3 Walk - an excellent strategy for keeping a dog occupied while moving from one place to another. Also foundation for loose-leash walking.

  • Big Circle Walk - foundation for loose-leash walking, attention on handler, for dogs that need to move.

The following videos are highly recommended for all volunteers:

  • Greeting Do's & Don'ts (when meeting a new dog) - examples of behaviors we humans do that can be very off-putting to dogs.

  • Petting Consent Test - how dogs show us they want to be touched AND - more importantly - how they say "no thanks". It's subtle!

  • Behavior Basics - a quick overview of how behavior "works" so you can apply basic principles on the fly.

Reactivity Support

A diagram showing effects of stressors on reactivity, and the body language associated with "climbing the arousal ladder" to send a dog over threshold.

3 main factors that contribute to dogs going over threshold.

For dogs that struggle with leash reactivity. Get out your high-value treats and start helping your dog feel differently about the triggers he encounters on your walks.

An easy exercise to help a shy/fearful dog learn that new people aren't scary - they predict deliciousness!

How to Bring Home a New Dog resources for fosters & adopters.

A one-page handout of the Do's & Don'ts during these critical settling-in periods for an adopted dog in a new environment. This handout can also be given to potential adopters who haven't yet found a dog to adopt.

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