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Foster Training Presentations

Supporting Information

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You'll find all videos here on the FDR Foster Playlist

The Do's & Don'ts during these critical settling-in periods for your foster dog.

An entertaining look at the Do's & Don'ts when greeting a dog you don't know.

A quick look at how dogs show they are afraid - it's not just what you think!

Learn how dogs show us they want us to touch them, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, how they say "no thanks". When we don't listen to them we undermine our efforts in building trust. A must-watch for dog fosters.

An easy exercise to help your foster dog learn that family members aren't scary - they predict deliciousness!

Learn how to condition your foster dog to a crate so it can go into the crate at any time for any reason and feel good about it. Being able to be confined, whether you're home or not, is a valuable life skill all dogs need to learn.

Help prevent Separation Anxiety (SA), a serious and complex behavior problem, by introducing the concept of being home alone from the beginning. 

"What Have You Got?" exercise to teach your foster dog that your approach when he has a valuable resources predicts something good for him. Use the RG scale to determine at what level your foster dog is resource guarding.

An overview of Resource Guarding (RG) and behaviors you can teach your dog to prevent RG.

A model showing how increased stress - in each "layer" of a dog's life - leads to increased reactivity, and ultimately the dog going over threshold. Also details body language associated with increased stress.

3 main factors that contribute to dogs going over threshold.

For dogs that struggle with leash reactivity. Get out your high-value treats and start helping your dog feel differently about the triggers he encounters on your walks.

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